Class structure revolves around scene work. Students MUST come to class prepared with their own material—bring at least TWO different scenes to work on and two copies of each scene, one for you and one for a scene partner. Scenes can be found on the scenes tab, but students are not limited and can also find scenes through IMSDB and other sites on the resources tab.

Students will find scene partners in class and can prepare in and out of class. Students will work the material from cold read, as if it is an audition, and work with the scene at length with John utilizing the fundamentals of story he teaches. The understanding and analyzing of character based on story will become practical technique in breaking a scene down, emotional preparation, and will be combined with an on-set approach including but not limited to hitting your marks, playing to the camera, using props, and other various practical techniques learned from John’s incredible career.

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Weekely Classes

Ages 13+

$325 per Month.
Tuesdays 5 pm - 10 pm


Wednesdays 5 pm - 10 pm
Location -

11031 Camarillo St

Los Angeles, CA 91602

New Students: Please email John after purchase --

*Younger students upon John's discretion

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